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From summer to winter and back again, 'No Horizon Anymore,' takes you on a journey few have experienced. Less than 2,000 people have spent the austral winter at the South Pole Station. Here, we follow members of the winterover crew from 2009 as they share their views on the interactions, the people, the environment, and the science that takes place during a busy year. After the sun sets, the crew succumbs to six months of inky darkness. Certain levels of 'toastiness' set in as routines are interrupted, and limits are tested. The only cure for claustrophobia is an unattainable outside world. With rare footage of the austral winter at 90 S, this is a must see for polar enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Music Video

Inherit the moon

Pittsburgh's South Side sludge metal mainstays Under Everything let us into their rehearsal space. 

Sick black lung

Official video for Grand Rapid's Michigan based Ghost Heart's latest release, The Effigy. 


Follow up video for Ghost Heart's The Effigy.