No Horizon Anymore

The first full-length release from Daliborka Films, 'No Horizon Anymore' chronicles a year spent living and working at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.  Shut off from the rest of the world for a full year, the 43 station personnel must live and work in harmony in order to survive the harshest, darkest place on the earth.  Filmed entirely at or en route to South Pole Station, 'No Horizon Anymore' offers the viewer a glimpse into a rare world where people are at their best...and at their worst.  

'No Horizon Anymore' was filmed in 2009 and made its film festival debut in 2012.  During its year on the festival circuit, it screened 16 times around the world including at festivals in Germany, New Zealand, and Hollywood California.  Awards included Best Documentary, Audience Choice and Festival Favorite.  


Promotional Films

In addition to documentaries, Daliborka Films works to promote companies through visual media.  From start-ups to established organizations, Daliborka Films works with a wide range of clients to produce quality films that showcase the entrepreneurial efforts and integrity of its customers. 

Music Videos

The vibrant music scene in Pittsburgh and beyond, allows Daliborka Films to branch out and work with musicians in all genres.  Daliborka Films is always ready to collaborate with musicians and add visuals to their musical vision.